About Us

We, at WHOLESPOON, are dedicated to provide gourmet meals in minutes from the comfort of your home with our range of cooking pastes and sauces.

Meet Mansi, Founder, Pharmacy graduate, Hodophile & apparently always hungry!

The story began on one such hungry evening, discussing with friends and families about the new dishes she had made in couple of weeks which required huge amount of prep-reparations & varied ingredients for the perfect flavors.

WHOLESPOON kicked off on this very thought of "What if we could make all these delicious dishes effortlessly"

There began our months of R&D, consistently making and perfecting our pastes and sauces. Right between sourcing the correct ingredients & equipment's to counting innumerable "oops", "yay" and "that's it", in August 2020 we launched WHOLESPOON.

From having countless moments of doubts, fear, excitement to serving over 5000 happy customers in our first year, we've come a long way.

Meet Mansi Shah, the Founder of WHOLESPOON India

Passionate cook, dreamer, traveler & currently chasing the passion of entrepreneurship.

Mansi realised her love for cooking after marrying her equally foodie husband, Naitik. They would love to throw brunches & dinner parties for their friends and family where Mansi would cook everything from the scratch.

She would endlessly experiment with new cuisines and flavours to perfection. That's when she realised what if everyone could relish these amazing dishes right from their pantry.

Ergo, WHOLESPOON was born for every foodie who loves to cook, with minimum efforts and delicious flavours.