Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are your products natural ?
Yes. Our products are made with both natural and fresh ingredients. You can be rest assured that everything you buy from us is completely natural, free of any harmful chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

2. Can your products remain outside once opened?
No. Our products are completely natural and contain no preservatives, they need to be refrigerated after opening. We recommend freezing opened bottles, till your next use.

3.Do we deliver across India?
Yes, we do. We deliver to most cities and towns across India. Even if you're in a tiny place, we want to make sure you can enjoy our products. If you do place an order on our site and your pin code is not serviceable by our courier partners, someone from our team will get in touch with you and try to find a service that works.

4.How many people does one bottle serve
4-5 people

5.Do you have smaller size options, as we are a family of 2?
Sorry, we do not. If you can't consume the full within the time frame mentioned on the bottle, just freeze whatever is left after your first use in 2-3 different containers. That way, you can use it for up to 3 months. Just take out 1 portion and defrost overnight in the fridge before using.

6.How do I use your sauces/pastes ?
Please refer to the video shared on our product page. (hyperlink to All Products)

7.What else can be made using your pastes/sauces?
We have shared few recipe videos under Recipe tab. For more recipes, follow us on Instagram for recipes & ideas.

8.Do the products get spoilt if it takes 5-7 days for courier to reach me, since there are no preservatives?
No, they don’t. Most of our products are autoclaved, that ensures products stay fine at room temperature for 10-12 days. Rest assured!

9.Where can I buy your products?
Best place to buy our products is on our website itself, as you'll get the widest selection & freshest products. 

10.Are you available in any stores?
Not at the moment.

11.Where are you located?
We are based out of Mumbai.

12.Do we accept returns.
Given that we are dealing with food products, we follow a strict no return or exchange policy.  All orders once placed are final.

13.How long will my order take?
We take 3-4 working days to deliver orders within Mumbai, and 5-7 working days for most other places. For smaller towns, it does sometimes take up to 10 days.

14.Where is my order?
If you feel your order is delayed beyond normal expectation, do get in touch with us and we will do our best to look into it and get it delivered as soon as possible.